Pacman for Dashboard

Pacman for Dashboard 2.0

Classic Pacman clone for your Dashboard


  • Almost identical to the original in every way
  • Addictive and simple to play


  • Widget is a bit small

Very good

Ever sometimes fancy a quick game of Pacman without going online?

If so, you will love Pacman for Dashboard, an ultra-faithful clone of the Namco original which plays as a dashboard widget. The accuracy and closeness of Pacman for Dashboard to the real thing is superb. Both the sound effects and graphics are spot-on and it feels very much like the original.

The controls are simple - use the arrow keys to guide Pacman around, P to Pause the game, Q or Esc to Quit and M to Mute and L to change to low quality setting (which doesn't seem to make much difference). The only drawback is that the widget is quite small and can be quite a strain on the eyes if you play it for a long time. There's also no way to access a High Score table from the menu.

Pacman for Dashboard is one of the best Pacman clones you will ever play on the Mac.

Pacman for Dashboard


Pacman for Dashboard 2.0

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